Surprise, surprise, there is another crash in the crypto market. When writing this, Bitcoin is now down over 30 percent on the year, and as always, altcoins have been smashed much harder.

Jordan Belfort is known as the wolf of wall street. And also from the Hollywood film of the same name starring Leonardo DiCaprio. With a net worth of around a hundred million dollars, he knows a thing or two about making money.

Bitcoin and the crypto market have not had the best start to the year.


2022, in my opinion, is going to be a huge year for cryptocurrency because when you look back at 2021, it started with an explosion in crypto.

Last week, I made one of the biggest purchases I’ve ever made in my entire life. I know it wasn’t a Lambo, a house, or a virtual yacht in the Metaverse.

The Cardano ecosystem has been exploding. We have the first decks on the main end on Cardano Sundaeswap, which has been awesome to see for the entire ecosystem.

Harry Dent predicts a 90 percent crash is coming within the next couple of months. A big claim, so what is going on?

Today we need to go over all the major announcements that Cardano has gone over the past few days, and there’s also a lot of exciting new stuff going on in the crypto market with Bitcoin.

Former Goldman Sachs Raoul Pal is well known for being one of Ethereum’s biggest fans. Then, at the end of last year, he’d allocated nearly all of his portfolio into Ethereum.

Passive income with crypto. Yield farming, staking, mining, and Masternodes are some of those ways. Today I’m going to be sharing with you my blueprint for my crypto passive income portfolio and how it’s projected to make me over 200 000 dollars this year.

Photo by Celyn Kang on Unsplash

Tom Holland

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